Scientific Posters

List of Scientific Posters presented at CESIO 2015

ID Title Author(s)
Poster 1 Advantages of Potentiometric Determination of Surfactants as Analytical Technique in Analysis of Products of Detergents and Surfactant Industries and Their Waste Waters Dubravka Madunić-Čačić,
Zdravka Lovincic Kraljevic
(SAPONIA, Osijek, Croatia)
Poster 2 Analysis and Spectrophotometric Determination of Cationic Surfactants Without Liquid-Liquid Extraction Abdelhak Ferradj, Karima Sini¹,
Madjid Idouhar¹
(¹ University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algiers, Algeria)
Poster 3 Characterization and
Determination of Some Physicochemical Properties
of an Anionic Surfactant
Hadda Daoudi¹ ², Ammal Tazerouti¹
(¹ University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algiers, Algeria; ² National Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Boumerdés, Algeria)
Poster 4 Enhancing the Surface Properties of an Alcohol Alkoxylate with a Cationic Surfactant
Bahareh Vafakish
(Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Tehran, Iran)
Poster 5 High Concentrated FAS for Eco- Sustainable Application in Liquid Detergents and Cleaners Simone Jacopo Marzolla,
Alessia Bacarelli, Stefano Ferrigato
(Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A.)
Poster 6 Benefit of Blending Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES) in Powder Laundry Detergent Satoshi Otsuka, Megumu Ono, Naoyuki Egawa, Takahiro Okamoto
Poster 7 Analysis of Fatty Acid Removal Process from Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Surface Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance Method Yu Nagai¹, Yasuyuki Kobayashi²,
Keiko Gotoh¹
(¹ Nara Women’s University, Japan;
² Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute, Japan)
Poster 8 Effects of Water Hardness on Textile Detergency in Aqueous Cleaning System Keiko Gotoh¹, Kaori Horibe¹,
Haruyo Goto²
(¹ Nara Women’s University, Japan;
² SAMSUNG R&D Institute, Japan)
Poster 9 Influence of Frequency on Ultrasonic Cleaning of PET in Aqueous Solutions Yumiko Tagawa¹, Keiko Gotoh²
(¹ Osaka Sangyo University, Japan;
² Nara Women’s University, Japan)
Poster 10 High Performance Textile Laundering by Applying Ultrasound/Shake Combined Mechanical Action Keiko Gotoh, Sayaka Tani
(Nara Women’s University, Japan)
Poster 11 Alkyl Aryl Sulfonates
Surfactants for Chemical EOR:
Tailored Made Surfactants
María José Escudero¹, Estefanía Alvarez¹, Carlos Prieto¹, Jesús Lázaro¹, Izaskun Barrio¹, Jóse Menéndez¹, Francisco Andújar², Francisco Aguilarb, Ignacio López², Ana Forgiarini³
(¹ CEPSA Research Center; ² CEPSA Química Development and Innovation;
³ Universidad de Los Andes Venezuela)
Poster 12 A Mixture Design Approach for Studying Rheological Properties and Structure of Worm-like Micelles in a Quaternary Formulation Nathalie Vouillon-Miloudi¹, Dominique Labarre², Jesse Lee³, Slaheddine Kefi³, Jérôme Le Nôtre⁴, Gilles Ravot⁴, Isabelle Pezron¹, Elisabeth van Hecke¹
(¹ Université de Technologie
de Compiègne, Compiègne, France;
² Solvay, Aubervilliers, France;
³ Schlumberger, Clamart, France
⁴ SAS Pivert, Compiègne, France)
Poster 13 Study of Emulsifying Power, Stability and Hydophilic Lipophlic Balance of Sodium Methyl Ester Sulfonates Amel Asselah¹ ², Amel Tazerouti²
(¹ Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene (USTHB), Bab Ezzouar, Algeria;
² Université M’Hamed Bougara de Boumerdes (UMBB), Boumerdes, Algeria)
Poster 14 Formulation Experimental Tactic
to Improve The Low-Tension Performance in Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR)
by Surfactant Flooding
Ana Forgiarini, Jean-Louis Salager
(University of Los Andes)
Poster 15 Washing Performance of Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES) in Liquid Landry Conditions Yuka Morimoto, Chika Endo,
Hiroshi Konta, Takayasu Kubozono, Norio Tobori
Poster 16 Invention of Hydrophilic
Esterquat Utilizing Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Oils
Jang Woo Chu, Sung Sik Cho,
Bum Je Cho, Yong Gak Choi,
Khee Dong Eom
(OhSung Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.)
Poster 17 Evalution of anionic surfactants in the environment using a novel approach for regional probabilistic exposure assessments Paul DeLeo¹, Kathleen McDonough², Thomas Federle², Ken Wehmeyer²
(¹ American Cleaning Institute;
² The Procter and Gamble Company)
Poster 18 Improvement in Substances Definition of Esterquats under REACh Regulation Thierry Beaudouin, Christophe Flinois
(Analytical Laboratory)
Poster 19 Influencing Factors on the Bleaching Reaction Using Peroxidase Miyuki Morita¹, Akihiro Fujimoto¹, Fumi Masuko², Kiyomi Mase³
(¹ Hokkaido University of Education;
² Japan Women's University;
³ Nagoya Women's University)
Poster 20 Adsorption of Nonionic
Surfactant (TX100) onto
Hydrated Kaolin in an
Organic Phase
Naouel Hezil
(University of Abbes Laghrour, Khenchela, Algeria; University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algéria)
Poster 21 Synthesis of Zwitterionic Sulfobetaine Substituted Phthalocyanines as Star Type Surfactants and Investigation of Their Solution Properties
Senem Çolak¹, Salih Zeki Yıldız², Deniz Yılmaz³
(¹ Chemist; ² Sakarya Üniversitesi Esentepe Kampüsü, Turkey; ³ Hayat Kimya, Turkey)
Poster 22 Possibility of Using Blog as a Consumer Education Tool to Promote Comfortable and Safe Use of Cosmetics Kazusa Nishi, Masaru Oya
(Yokohama National University)
Poster 23 The Role of Surfactants
in Pesticide Spray Drift:
Good or Bad Guys?
Fernanda Costa
Poster 24 Production and Applications of Capric-Caprylic Mono,-Di and Triglycerides Mixtures Ahmet Özemre, Belgin Şahin,
Ebru Toprak Demircan, Hande Savaş
(Kalekimya Group, Turkey)
Poster 25 Unique and Excellent Properties of KANEKA Surfactin – Amphiphilic Cyclic Peptide Produced by Fermentation Takuto Nagano¹, Satohiro Yanagisawa¹, Toshiaki Taira², Tomohiro Imura², Dai Kitamoto²
² National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)

Poster 26 A Novel Process to Obtain C8-C18 FAMES from Transesterified Vegetable Oils G.F. Moretti
(Moretti A&E srl)
Poster 27 LAB Feedstock from Pearl GTL: Market Acceptance and Performance Dr. Leendert Bezemer¹, Gigi George²
(¹ Shell Global Solutions International;
² Qatar Shell GTL Limited)

Poster 28 Assessment on the Biodegradability of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates (LAS) in Freshwater and Marine Settings Following OECD 308 Guidelines Carmen Corada-Fernández¹, Eduardo González-Mazo¹, Coral Verge², Juan A. de Ferrer², Pablo A. Lara-Martín¹
( ¹ University of Cadiz, Spain;
² Cepsa Química, Spain )

Poster list is subject to changes.
Last update: 1 June 2015.