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European Council on Studies on LAB and LAS
Exhibition Booth: 334
Chantal De Cooman, Executive Director
Avenue E. van Nieuwenhuyse 4, B - 1160 Brussels, BELGIUM
Tel.: + 32 2 676 7211 · Fax: +32 2 676 7347
E-mail: oleosurfactant(at) · Web:

The companies represented by the Council for LAB/LAS Environmental Research (CLER) and the European Council of Studies on LAB and LAS (ECOSOL) have been at the forefront of chemical industry efforts on sustainability for more than twenty years. Their mission is to sponsor and conduct research and identify significant independent research on the environmental health and safety of LAB – the primary building block of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), the world’s leading detergent surfactant – and on LAS itself. This research is made available through the CLER Review, at and, and at CESIO and other professional meetings worldwide.

EMPA Testmaterialien AG Exhibition Booth: 202
Moevenstrasse 12, 9015 St. Gallen, SWITZERLAND
Tel.: +41 71 311 80 55 · Fax: +41 71 311 80 57
E-mail: info(at) · Web:

EMPA Testmaterialien AG develops, produces and sells test materials for the textile / leather and cleaning industry:
• Washperformance of detergents, of washing machines
• Other Soiled Test Cloths
• Dye Transfer Monitors
• Color Fastness Determination
• Unsoiled Test Cloth
• Standard Detergents
• Standard Loads
• Standard Materials for Leather
• Scales for Color Determination
EMPA Testmaterialien AG also has a high competence in Hygiene and Laundry:
• Performance of different tests in the field Microbiology / Laundry hygiene
• Testing of disinfectants, according to international standards (e.g. DGHM – DIN/EN)
• Surface hygiene

EOC Surfactants Exhibition Booth: L01
EOC Surfactants, p/a De Bruwaan 12, 9700 Oudenaarde, BELGIUM
Tel.: +32 55 23 58 58 · Fax: +32 55 23 58 59
E-mail: surfactants(at) · Web:

EOC Surfactants is a member of the EOC Group, founded in 1948 and with headquarters in Oudenaarde (Belgium). The main activity of EOC Surfactants is the production of mild high quality surface-active agents for use in the cosmetics, household and detergents industries. EOC Surfactants offers betaines, amphoacetates, sulfosuccinates, alkanolamides, aminoxides, pearlescing agents, opacifiers and a range of multifunctional hair and skin conditioning agents. Most of these ingredients are also used in various industrial applications.

Energieweg 1, 4791 RN Klundert, Industrieterrein Moerdijk, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel.: +31(0)168 385 260 · Fax: +31(0)168 385 270
E-mail: info(at) · Web:

A JV of ERCA Group and Emery Oleochemicals, ERCA EMERY SURFACTANTS BV (EES) is a new chemical company in the field of alkoxylation for non-ionic surfactants. Sited in Moerdijk (NL) and adjoining a petrochemical site, EES is very well integrated in the supply of feedstock. The synergy of each partner's strengths, the know-how in the technology and the long-lasting and global presence on the market, make of EES a suitable partner for the users of EO and EO/PO derivatives. Flexibility, celerity and innovation are the distinguishing attributes that EES intends to offer to the market.

Evonik Industries AG Exhibition Booth: 330
Evonik Industries AG, Goldschmidtstraße 100, 45127 Essen, GERMANY
Tel.: +49 201 173-3170 · Fax: +49 201 173-713170
E-mail: lisa.dierks(at) · Web:

As a specialist in the manufacture and supply of effective skin care, hair care and body cleansing products, Evonik pursues its unique philosophy Good looking forward which expresses three aspects: foresight, responsibility and realization. This translates into innovative solutions for long-term market success and competitiveness. It means accepting responsibility throughout the entire product lifecycle, the use of renewables and sustainable technologies. Our see-it-through approach ensures a determined, target-led mindset, combining technical knowledge, and decisive action. Based on a unique combination of our technology platforms—organics, silicones and actives—we manufacture products such as emulsifiers, surfactants, actives, conditioners, thickeners, and emollients. Used in many end products, they make a significant contribution to consistency, efficacy and sensory appeal.

H and PC Today – Household and
Personal Care Today / TKS Publisher
Exhibition Booth: F02
Viale Brianza 22, 20127 Milano, ITALY
Tel.: +39 0226809375 · Fax +39 022847226
E-mail: info(at) · Web:

TKS Tekno Scienze publisher with its journals Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today, Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech, H and PC Today – Household and Personal Care Today is celebrating its 30th anniversary in year 2013.
For this occasion TKS has renewed its website giving access to all its contents and applications for IPAD for free.
TKS journals, thanks to solid scientific articles suitable for industrial applications, boast an ever increasing worldwide circulation. TKS motto is Science for industry.

Belgium BVBA
Hospitality Suite: Room 130
Exhibition Booth: 320
Everslaan 45, B-3078 Everberg, BELGIUM
Tel.: +32 (0)2 758 9884 · E-mail: michael_scharf(at)

Huntsman Performance Products specialises in intermediate chemistries and technologies that shape and improve the daily lives of people around the world. We collaborate closely with our customers to create sustainable solutions for applications in the most diverse markets and industries including home care, beauty and personal care, agrochemicals, coatings and polymers, lubricating and industrial resource chemicals. Mastering Molecular Science for a better world.

IIT Srl Exhibition Booth: F03
Via Alba 18, 21052 Busto Arsizio (Va), ITALY
Tel.: +39 0331 621696 · Fax: +39 0331 621693
E-mail: info(at) · Web:

Founded in 1976, IIT provides design, engineering and equipment for the production of surfactants for the detergent, cosmetic, leather, textile and chemical industries. IIT supplies a wide range of complete plants, as well as individual systems, equipment and services:
• Continuous sulfonation plants
• New type ESP Electrostatic Precipitators
• Sulfonation reactors
• High Shear Mixers Homogenizers
• Multipurpose Plants for Specialties ( Betaines, Amides, Sulfosuccinates etc. )
• Full range of engineering and technical services

International Network
of Cleaning Product Associations
Exhibition Booth: 232
Richard Sedlak, American Cleaning Institute
1331 L Street NW, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20005, USA
Tel.: + 1 202-337-2900 · E-mail: rsedlak(at)

The International Network of Cleaning Product Associations (INCPA) is an informal coalition of trade associations located in various regions of the world that represent cleaning product formulators. The Network coordinates and actively engages in targeted efforts to better understand and address chemical management issues of international or cross-regional nature that affect the cleaning products industry. INCPA members are committed to developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing innovative, sustainable and effective products that are safe for consumers and the environment. There is a joint commitment to the development of products that improve the quality of life through hygiene and cleanliness, can be used safely and without unreasonable risk to the environment, and fulfill the principles of sustainability, as well as meeting or exceeding legal requirements!

Innovadex GmbH Exhibition Booth: 230
Rheinfährstr. 135, 41468 Neuss, GERMANY
Tel.: +49-2131-20179-10 · E-mail:

Innovadex is an integrated digital platform that connects product and process innovators with raw material, ingredient, equipment and service providers. Innovadex streamlines the exchange of technical information, speeding innovation and providing suppliers with actionable sales opportunities.
Innovadex – the Search engine for product and process innovators is the global market leader in providing specialized search engine and information exchange services to the chemical and life sciences industries. Over 120,000 product formulation experts, representing more than 48,000 companies worldwide, are registered members of Innovadex. With over 1,000 global suppliers and 800,000 documents available in Innovadex, registered members can research across multiple suppliers, accessing their technical documents and requesting samples all from one location.

Interface Sharedeck Exhibition Booth: 200
3 avenue Fougerousse, 69930 Saint Laurent de Chamousset, FRANCE
Tel.: +33 482 53 79 30 · E-mail: contact(at)

Interface Sharedeck developed a wide choice of decision-support applications to anticipate the behavior of foams and emulsions over time. It provides you with collaborative, user-friendly tools and cutting-egde technology that helps you easily understand and interpret the evolution of surface active agents with respect to interfaces. Thanks to its unique collaborative platform, you can work with international partners as a team in a working space. Get a new approach of interfacial science with a collaborative concept fully dedicated to your project and knowledge management.

Japan Soap and Detergent Association
Exhibition Booth: 232
Mr Shigeo Ishii, Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA)
3-13-11, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0027, JAPAN
Fax: +81 (3) 3281 1870 · Web:

The Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA) is the industrial association of 23 manufacturers of soaps, detergents and oils and fats. The market for these products is worth approximately $6.5 billion, and the share of JSDA member accounts for roughly 90 percent of the market.

Kao Chemicals Europe SL Hospitality Suite: Room 132
C / Puig dels Tudons, 10 Pol. Industrial Santiga Barberà del Vallès 08210, SPAIN
Tel.: +34 93 739 93 00 · Fax: +34 93 739 93 33
E-mail: marketing(at) · Web:

Kao Chemicals Europe is part of Kao Corporation Japan, with 3 industrial chemical products manufacturing sites. Kao Chemicals Europe headquarters have been located in Barcelona since 1999, working as a holding company, giving support to the sales structure within the 5 different Business Units into which the company is organized. Two of these Business Units have their origin in surfactant technology and deal with products that are addressed to the Personal Care, Laundry & Cleaning and Technical Applications markets. The other three Business Units, Oleo, Fragrances & Aroma Chemicals and Imaging Materials, belong to global activities that are coordinated by Kao Corporation (Japan).

KLK OLEO Hospitality Suite: M211
KLK Emmerich GmbH, Steintor 9, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein, GERMANY
Tel.: +49-2822-72-452 · Fax: +49-2822-72-10-452
E-mail: angelika.peil(at) · Web:

KLK Oleo is a global oleochemical company with production locations in Malaysia, China and Germany. KLK Oleo supplies customers in various markets, including surfactants and detergent producers and personal care companies. The products offered range from fatty acids and glycerine to derivatives such as fatty alcohols, fatty esters, MCT`s, soap, sulphonate methyl ester (SME). Several of our fatty acids and EP glycerine are Ecocert approved. More information is available at the KLK Oleo booth.

KOLB Hospitality Suite: M211
Kolb Distribution Ltd., Maienbrunnenstrasse 1, P.O.Box, 8908 Hedingen, SWITZERLAND
Tel.: +41 44 762 46 46 · Fax: +41 44 76 46 03
E-mail: info(at) · Web:

The Swiss Company KOLB is one of the biggest alkoxylators in Europe. It is a global supplier with a broad product portfolio of nonionic surfactants. These are used for the production of detergents, cleaning agents, cosmetics and lubricants. Furthermore, it has grown into a market leader in the field of chemical processing agents for the paper industry. The company has in total 260 employees. The raw materials used in the production process are primarily sourced from the Malaysian parent company KLK.
KLK acquired Kolb in 2007.
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