On behalf of CESIO, the European Association of Surfactants Manufacturers, we would like to invite you to contribute to the next World Surfactant Congress taking place from 3rd to 5th June 2019 at the Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort, Munich.

Munich - the city that is going to host the 2019 Congress - is located at the heart of Bavaria, one of most iconic state in Germany internationally recognised for its traditions and architectural delights.

The theme of the Congress is:


Surfactants in solution and at interfaces - scientifically just fascinating! But surfactant science is not an end in itself - surfactants are the basis to solve challenges involving all kinds of interfaces and applications. Surfactants are the key to providing successful solutions for consumers, e.g. related to cosmetics or household applications, or for professional uses such as I&I or agrochemicals and many others. This is because surfactants, as part of formulations, are fundamental to achieving the desired product performance. And just as surfactants work accross interfaces so innovation happens at interfaces, not only between the science and application, but also between different disciplines and applications. That is why it is crucial to communicate across borders!

Finally, the CESIO World Surfactant Congress has the aim of interfacing across science and business.

The conference has three clusters with the following topics:

Cluster - Technical & Applications

  • News from surfactants science, interfacial phenomena
  • Physico-chemical & analytical methods
  • New feedstocks, chemistries and syntheses
  • Formulation trends
  • Selected applications: household, I&I, personal care, agrochemicals, industrial use of surfactants including oil & gas, plastic additives, emulsion polymerization, etc.

Cluster - Safety & Regulatory Affairs

  • Substance Registrations: 2019 first year REACH operating, non-EU registrations and inventories
  • Session of specific industry: Detergents (Future of the Detergent Regulation, Ecolabel...)
  • Session on a specific industry: Oil field
  • Digital solutions with regard to product compliance and legislative impact - how does it affect industry?

Cluster - Business & Market Trends

  • Trends - macroeconomics, geopolitics, resources, consumers, circular economy, digitalization
  • Performance and Sustainability - trade-off or win-win?
  • Benign by design - new markers, new marketing, new markets, new business models?

We welcome papers and/or posters on the above topics. Please note that the above is intended as guidance only. Proposals for papers on topics not mentioned above are also most welcome.

  • The period for submission of abstracts for oral presentations closes 16 January 2019.
  • The period for submission of abstracts for posters closes 15 February 2019.


Every speaker at the Congress will be granted free access to the event and will automatically enter the contest for CESIO 2019 Awards - one award for the best poster, one award for the best presentation in each clusters.

For detailed information on speakers' conditions, please click here.

CESIO 2019 Organising Committee