List of Scientific Posters presented at CESIO 2019

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Business & Market Trends

Title Author(s)
Contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals: The A.I.S.E. Sustainability Strategy and the optimised Charter for Sustainable Cleaning Sascha Nissen


Safety & Regulatory Affairs

Title Author(s)
Evaluation of Aquatic Toxicity and Biodegradation Data of Highly Branched Alcohol Ethoxylates for Classification under the UN GHS and EU CLP Regulatory Framework G. Bragin, C. Davis
Future of Anaerobic Biodegradation Criterion for Ecolabel: Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) Biodegradation in Anaerobic Bio-Reactors is Well Documented John Heinze
REACH Exposure Assessment Reality Check Kathleen Stenton
Toxicological properties and risk assessment of brand new sustainable anionic surfactant “Bio IOS” Takahiro Suzuki, Yuko Nukada, Masayuki Yamane, Osamu Morita


Technical & Applications 

Title Author(s)
A comparison of log Kow (n‑octanol–water partition coefficient) values for non‑ionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants determined using predictions and experimental methods Goeff Hodges, Charles Eadsforth, Bart Bossuyt, Alain Bouvy, Marie-Hélène Enrici, Marc Geurts, Matthias Kotthoff, Eleanor Michie, Dennis Miller, Josef Muller, Gunter Oetter, Jayne Roberts, Diederik Schowanek, Ping Sun, Joachim Venzmer
Characterization of naturally derived polyglyceryl ester as a versatile emulsifier for low-viscous formulations and liposomal structures Thomas Willers, Christoph Kolano, Holger Seidel
Comparison of calculated time scale for diffusion values FTI Marx, DP Otto, HCM Vosloo
Control of asphaltene dispersion through the use of Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid Ana Forgiarini, Izakun Barrio, Borja Rodriguez, Francisco Aguilar
Developing New Methyl Ester Ethoxylate Derived from C18 Fraction of Palm Oil for Liquid Laundry Detergent Sho Tsujimura, Akinori Joko, Yoshihiro Kimura, Taku Nishio
Effect of narrow range oligomer distribution on physiochemical and performance properties George A Smith
Effect of surfactant structure on hard surface cleaning performance George A Smith
Effect of the alkyl chain distribution and 2-phenyl isomer content on the behavior of linear alkylbenzene sodium sulfonate Izaskun Barrio, Borja Rodriguez, Elena Parrondo, Manuel Coca, Ignacio Lopez, Magdalena Benito
Efficiency of POE-b-PS block copolymers as surfactant for the preparation of aqueous core polyamide microcapsules by interfacial polycondensation Dieu Huong Chu, Emmanuel Beyou, Nathalie Sintes-Zydowicz
Evaluation of surfactant distribution coefficients measurements with HPLC D. Venter, FTI Marx, HCM Vosloo, DP Otto
Fundamental Performances of Sustainable anionic surfactant “Bio IOS” for Detergents Ayako Sakuraba, Ryosuke Fujii
Increasing the chemical recovery of light crude-oil from carbonates using chemical pre-flush followed by dilute micellar solutions Franklin Salazar, Izaskun Barrio, Estefania Alvarez, Borja Rodriguez, Francisco Aguilar, Ana M. Forgiarini
Influence of 1-Alcohols on the Miscibility of CO2 and Model Crude Oil Bilgilij, L. Winkler, J. Fischer, M. Puerto, G.J. Hirasaki, R. Rommerskirchen, R. Ng, S. Hoppe and T. Sottmann
Influence of hydrophilic silica nanoparticles on surfactant properties M. Fernadez-Serrano, M. Lechuga, E. Jurado, A. Fernandez-Arteaga, J.A. Morales, P. Azcarate
Innovative application of isotope analysis to determine the origin of surfactants Concetta Pironti, Raffaele Cuccinielloa, Federica Caminb, Oriana Mottac, Antonio Protoa
Joint aerobic biodegradability of silica nanoparticles and surfactants M. Lechuga, M. Fernandez-Serrano, F. Rios, E. Balboa, J.A. Morales
Leading the way in creating sustainable solutions Josmary Velásquez, Sorel Muresan
Measurement of self-diffusion coefficients of commercial surfactants by NMR D. Jacobs, FTI Marx, P. van der Gryp, HCM Vosloo, DP Otto
New benefits based in foam knowledge in surface cleaners Elvis Araujo Barreto, Fabiana Ianhez Buzzutti, Cristiane Aparecida Furtado Canto, Flavia Regianni Montibeller, Vicente Gomes Oliveira, Oxiteno
Nitrile surfactants - New use in Mining industrial application - Tecflote™ Henrik Nordberg, Alireza Movahedi, Mikael Widell and Andrew Lewis
Nitrogen-Based Surfactants in Passenger Car Motor Oil Formulations Michael Heeran, Johanna C. Speelman and Philip W. Dyer
One-step method for the analysis of commercial detergents Izaskun Barrio, Elena Parrondo, Borja Rodriguez, Ruben Furniet, Ignacio Lopez, Francisco Aguilar
PIT-slope: A simple method to determine the amphiphilicity of surfactants and characterize their interfacial properties. Jesus F. Ontiveros, Christel Pierlot, Jean-Marie Aubry
Self-assembly of sodium methyl esther sulfonate surfactants Asselah.A, Pinazo.A, Mezei.A, Lourdes.P and Tazerouti.A
Study on the interaction between imidazolium ionic liquid surfactant and bovine serum albumin Jun Wang, Yingbin Li, Xuzhao Yang, Wenyuan Zou, Mengmeng Hui, Ping Wang
Surface Active Biopolymers for Soil Purification M. Grob, R. Schomacker, M. Schwarze
Surfactants for use in high electrolyte crop protection formulations Karin Bergström, Ralph Franklin, Andrew Boracci, Shawn Zhu
The effect of surfactant alkyl structure on cold water detergency Natali Sanja
The Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D) method as an effective screening tool in surface science application development Frederik I Anderssson, Krzysztof Kolman and Per-Erik Hellberg
Visco elastic surfactants – a toolbox of flexible “living” polymers for rheology and flow control in a variety of different consumer and industrial applications Hans Oskarsson, Per-Erik Hellberg, Sorel Muresan
What are the challenges for EOR Surfactants V. Molinier, A. Klimenko, L. Ligiero, M. Bourrel, N. passade-Boupat
Y-shaped triamine – the answer to many questions in biocides applications Renate Borgmann-Strahsen

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Last update: 17 April 2019